2020 in Review: Team of the Year 2020, Who makes the cut in our 2020 XI?


Italian Cricket TV's Team of the Year 2020

After being interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic at the end of the year, Italian Cricket TV has selected the 2020 team. An exciting year of cricket is over. We saw a number of competitive cricket matches played in Italy last year including the T20 Open and Coppa Italia (Cricket). 

The Italian Cricket Federation introduced a new format called T10 which was organized by the European Cricket Network. Although the most popular tournament  Serie A was postponed due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 And the tournament is very long which is played in 50 over format. The Italian Cricket Federation had to cancel the 2020 Serie A tournament due to Covid in particular. Organizing Serie A tournament is also very difficult because many teams have to travel around Italy to play the matches but The Italian Cricket Federation did not disappoint the teams and players They have launched a new tournament called the European Cricket Series which plays in the T10 format. 

Even after all this, we have witnessed a number of enjoyable games.
Here’s the team for the year 2020 picked by Italian Cricket TV 

  1. Rajmani Singh (Royal Parma)
  2. Manpreet Singh (Bergamo CC)
  3. Dinidu Marage (Roma CC)
  4. Thari Fernando (Kingsgrove CC)
  5. Ammad Khan (Brescia CC)
  6. Baljit Singh (Bergamo CC)
  7. Adnan Muhammad  (Bologna)
  8. Basharat Ali (Brescia CC)
  9. Malik Mushtaq (Jinnah Brescia CC)
  10. Jagmeet Singh (Kings XI CC)
  11. Ravi Paul (Bergamo United)

Italian Cricket TV's staff picked their Team of the year. Do they resemble yours?