In 2020, Nearly one million views on Italian Cricket TV social media!

Maruf Anowar, founder of Italian Cricket TV, recently posted a picture on his Instagram story showing that about 1 million people watched Italian Cricket TV on social media in 2020. Italian cricket TV did not cover any matches in 2020 due to the virus, but many viewers are still coming to watch all previous videos of Italian Cricket TV. In 2020, almost 500k people reached Italian Cricket TV on Facebook.

100k+ people have seen & watched Italian Cricket TV on Instagram. 
Italian Cricket TV  has got really good numbers in 2020. Italian Cricket TV is a digital platform for watching Italian cricket. Cricket has been played in Italy for 40 years now, but the popularity of the game in Italy has led many to ignore Italian cricket.

2019 Italian Cricket TV was founded by Maruf Anowar, who wants the game to grow with a streaming platform to spread Italian cricket around the world.This numbers will surely help Italian Cricket TV to tell everyone that cricket is going on in Italy.

Italian Cricket TV Facebook Insights 2020

Many people have not heard of Italian cricket because the media does not think about cricket in Europe.This is one of the reasons why people have not heard much about European Cricket. 

Italian Cricket TV wants the game to grow in Italy so that more people can watch cricket and learn more about the game.