Interview with Maruf Anowar, Founder of Italian Cricket TV and Italian Cricket Network

Maruf Anowar Playing T20 Open

Maruf Anowar is a cricketer and entrepreneur. 
He is the founder of Italian Cricket TV and Italian Cricket Network.

Italian Cricket TV is an online digital platform for watching cricket in Italy.
In 2019 Maruf Anowar launched this platform to popularize cricket in Italy.
He believed that cricket could be a popular sport in Italy.

Maruf Anowar said:

We have been playing cricket in Italy for a long time but there is no platform to watch cricket in Italy. I want to stream cricket matches and promote the game in Italy by producing videos. 

Cricket is not a popular sport in Italy and We want to make this game popular in Italy, streaming is the best way to showcase Italian cricket. We need to advertise cricket in Italy so that more people can know what cricket is. Public access to all levels of our cricket is so important as we want to engage public interest in our game.

I have always said I love cricket, and I grew up watching this game, this passion, and love for this game has inspired me to build this platform. I strongly believe that we have the potential to make this game popular in Italy

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Maruf Anowar was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In 2015 he moved to Rome, Italy, and playing cricket for Roma Capannelle Cricket Club. Maruf is a right-handed batsman who bowls right-arm medium-fast.

Italian Cricket TV & Network

In September 2019, Maruf Anowar, the founder of Italian Cricket TV, launched the Italian Cricket Network for live scores, live stream.

After the first year in 2019, Italian Cricket TV officially collaborated with the Roma Capannelle Cricket Club, the oldest Cricket Club still in business and the one with the largest number of titles in Italy for the promotion of the game in Italy by broadcasting and sharing the moment's highlights and video of the match. Not only the Italian Cricket Club but many videos and information on the Italian National Team and the best players in Italy.

Maruf Anowar and President of Roma Capannelle CC

When he created this platform, people from Italy and all over the world who now watch Italian cricket on the Italian Cricket TV platform and many people talking about Italian cricket have grown very quickly. The numbers we got are incredible and it shows that people are interested in Italian cricket and This is one of the easiest ways to showcase Italian cricket. Italian Cricket TV has given everyone a platform to watch Italian cricket. After watching the match on Italian Cricket TV, many Italians now want to play cricket and learn cricket. Millions of people have watched Italian cricket on Italian Cricket TV and people followed and shared us on social media.