Not many people have heard of Italian cricket because the media does not think about European cricket.
This is one of the main reasons why people don't hear much about European cricket.
Cricket has been played in Italy for 40 years now, but the popularity of the game has forced many to avoid Italian cricket, especially the Italian people who have never heard of it. There was no way to watch Italian cricket before 2019 because some people don’t care about Italian cricket so most people don’t know about Italian cricket. In 2019, a boy named Maruf Anowar said that 

We are playing cricket, we spend so much time / money traveling all over Italy to play cricket but people don't know about our cricket. We are currently ranked 25th in the ICC T20 rankings, which shows how great cricket is playing in Italy. Now we need to do something that helps people to know about our cricket and watch our cricket.

On March 16, 2019, Maruf Anowar founded a digital platform to watch Italian cricket, he wants the game to grow with a streaming platform to spread Italian cricket around the world. The platform was named Italian Cricket TV. The platform has grown rapidly in terms of viewership and is doing a great job of popularizing cricket in Italy. Italian Cricket TV has also partnered with Roma Capannelle Cricket Club, Italy's oldest cricket club, and started streaming/recording domestic games featuring the club and other clubs in Italy. Maruf Anowar himself is an active playing member of the Roma Capannelle cricket club.

Mr. Leandro Jayarajah was appointed as CEO of Italian Cricket TV in 2019 and he said

Cricket is not a popular sport in Italy because it is not seen on TV, That's why I support a lot Italian Cricket TV, because Italian Cricket TV gives us a platform to watch Italian Cricket. 

Italian Cricket TV project has been growing in Italy since he has followed and interest. Italian Cricket TV is on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, and many more with impressive numbers.

Match videos and live streams are featured on social media platforms at

Italian Cricket TV wants the game to grow fast, no one knows that there is cricket in Italy before this platform, nowadays most people know that Italy has cricket because they have a platform to watch Italian cricket.