Club of the Week - Kings XI Cricket Club

 Kings XI Cricket Club is a competitive Cricket club in the city of Piacenza, they play in the federal Serie B, T20 Open, and Coppa Italia. Simranjit Singh is the President of the Kings XI Cricket Club and middle-order batsman.

We talk to Kings XI Cricket Club Simranjit Singh president about how his club got started, here's what he said:

Well we had always heard that in Italy Serie A and Coppa Italia were played at a professional level, before we only played friendlies in the Lombardy area, etc. and we knew nothing about the federation. In 2017 I really started to practice cricket, I had already started in 2016 but I wasn't very good, then we decided to play seriously and at the level with the federation. We formed this team with 5 people, we named the club, Kings XI Italy in 2017.We are still looking for a field but we have the Home field in Spilamberto, Modena

Kings XI has been in the top flight since 2017, the year of its foundation. In 2018 the Kings XI were able to qualify for the semifinals of the T20 Open and Coppa Italia but they lost both semi-finals.

In 2019 they were able to qualify for the T20 Open semifinals and the finals of Coppa Italia and Serie B, Which shows that Kings XI was a consistent team of 2019 but again they lost all three matches.

In 2020 the Kings XI Cricket Club is back stronger than in 2019, they qualified for both the T20 Open and Coppa Italia finals, But luck was not in their favor again as they lost both finals to Brescia Cricket Club.

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Kings XI Cricket Club has been a very consistent team since its founding year, In recent years, Kings XI has been one of the best T20 teams in Italy in terms of performance compared to other teams.

Simranjit Singh about the 2021 season:

"Well we hope to get off to a good start and at least win the final this year, We are coming up with new uniforms, etc"

Region: Emilia Romagna
City/Province: Piacenza
Founded: 2017
Ground: Spilamberto, Modena
Address: Via Finzi, 3 46043 Castiglione delle Stiviere
President: Simranjit Singh
Club Phone: +39 327 901 4006
Facebook: Kings XI