In 2021 the European Cricket Series will return to Italy, which was a great success last season. This year the tournament will not only take place in Rome, but precisely to reduce travel as much as possible. While this tournament was an exciting performance in 2020, a more complex competitive structure is emerging in 2021. First stop in Rome from 15 to 20 March. Second in Bologna from 22 to 27 March, third in Padua from 29 March to 3 April, fourth in Milan from 5 to 10 April, sixth in Brescia from 12 to 17 April. While the finals will be played from 8 to 13 November.

Although purists tend not to consider the T10 format (60 balls apiece who makes the most points wins) "real cricket", it is very likely that if cricket ever enters as an Olympic sport, this will be the format of choice. Having won in previous tournaments, Jinnah Brescia and Bergamo United will therefore be the two favorite teams.