Ranking the 5 best teams from the T20 tournaments Italy


An exciting year of cricket is over. In 2020 we saw a number of competitive cricket matches played in Italy, including the T20 Open and the Coppa Italia. Italian Cricket TV staff picked the 5 best T20 cricket teams in Italy based on the teams performance last year. 

Here are the 5 best teams for the year 2020 picked by Italian Cricket TV

1. Brescia Cricket Club

The Brescia Cricket Club has won both the Italian men's T20 Open championship and the Coppa Italia 2020. Both victories came against Kings XI Cricket Club, who despite defeating fought to the last. The team that will represent Italy in the next European Cricket League is the Cricket Champions League in Europe. The walls belong to the founder, president and captain, Sajjad Qulb.

Kings XI has been in the top flight since the year of its foundation. 
In 2020 the Kings XI Cricket Club qualified for both the T20 Open and the Coppa Italia finals, but luck was not in their favor as they lost both finals to the Brescia Cricket Club.

3. Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club

In 2020 Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club qualified for Coppa Italia semi-finals and lost to Kings XI despite playing so well in the tournament.

4. Roma Cricket Club

Roma Cricket Club was so consistent in 2020, they managed to qualify for the Coppa Italia semifinals where they lost to Brescia cricket club

2020 was a up-down year for Asian Latina CC, who were able to qualify for the T20 Open semifinals where they lost to current T20 and Coppa Italia champions, Brescia Cricket Club