The Italian Cricket Federation has announced the championship matches of the 2021 season


03 February 2021, the Italian Cricket Federation published the championship matches of the 2021 season including the European Cricket Series. All matches are not confirmed yet, they can be changed at any time. 

dates that may be subject to change

Here is what the Italian Cricket Federation said:

This is to inform that it has been sent to the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) the list of competitive events and competitions, recognized as being of pre-eminent interest national team from the Cricket Federation for the 2021 sports season. It should be noted that, based on current government regulations, the resolutions of the Coni will be allowed..

the resumption of sports activities based on the following conditions: 

- Compliance with the Covid19 Protocol issued by the Federation, with particular attention to collection of self-certifications and the relative register.

- 2021 affiliation to the Federation completed

- Completed registration for one of the official tournaments of Federation

- 2021 registration of competitive athletes completed

- Training behind closed doors with access allowed only to members

- It is also specified that the athletes must be in compliance with the competitive medical examination, where required

The general secretariat of the Federation is available for any necessary information.