Bologna Cricket Club


Bologna Cricket Club is a cricket team, founded in 1983 in Bologna. The Bologna Cricket Club is a historical club of the city of Bologna that plays competitive Cricket and participated in the Serie A Championship in 2019 and has a complete youth sector. The Bologna Cricket team is 37 years old and has been active since 1983.

The Bologna Cricket Club is one of the oldest associations registered in this discipline, has been present continuously in Serie A since 1989. It boasts a particularly significant Palmares of successes in the youth categories also for the ability of the club to aggregate young people of all ethnic groups interested in the sport. Among the members of the company, doubled in the last 10 years, there are 9 different nationalities, coming from 3 continents.

The Bologna Cricket Club has won 13 Italian Youth Championships, in the various age categories, of which 7 have been won in the last 9 years since it had the opportunity to play at the “La Dozza” pitch in the Navile district. Furthermore, in these 37 years, Bologna has won an Italian indoor title in 2003 and two Italian Cups, in 2003 and 2004.

The multicultural character of the Bologna Cricket Club is also manifested in the promotional activities carried out with local institutions and in the schools of the metropolitan city. For years the “National Cricket Day for Refugees” has been organized in Bologna.

After 35 years as president of Mauro Guaragna, the club will be led by the new president Abul Khayer, active player and captain of the first team and former assistant coach of the National Women's Cricket Team.