Pianoro Cricket Club


The Pianoro Cricket Club was founded in 1983 as Pianoro - Bologna Cricket Club from an idea of ​​three English teachers of the British of Bologna and the undersigned Arcido Parisi assumes the Presidency uninterruptedly up to the present day. After ups and downs in 1989, he divides into two teams: Bologna which continues its path, and Pianoro which begins its activity from promotion. In just a few years with a team of very young people he managed to quickly establish himself in the Italian cricket world passing from "promotion" to " B " series and after two years (4th place in 1990 and 1st place in 1991 with the victory of the play but against…. Bologna thus passing to Serie A) - to Serie “ A" Ranking 4th in 1992). 2nd place in 1993, 1st place in 1994, 2nd place in 1995 with the addition of the title of European Champion and in 1996, 1997, 1998 again Italian Champions, in 1998 with the under 14 team, they also won the tricolor title of the under 14. In 1999 still winners of the tricolor scudetto and the first ITALIAN CUP. In 2000, for the first time since 1994, no title won, but only 3rd place in the major Italian Championship, 3rd place in the Italian Cup, 2nd place in the Under 15s, and 3rd place in the under 13. In 2001 the Italian championship and the Italian Cup, 3rd place in the Italian under 13 championship in the north group and 3rd place in the absolute Italian under 15 championship ……. In the following years (see the team's gold album). The undersigned has always been the President of the team since its foundation and in 2011 he was awarded the "Bronze Star for Sporting Merit" like the Club in 2006. Now on the flag of Pianoro Cricket, there is also the CONI honor.

The playing field is on Lungo Savena, via Amendola, 13 in Rastignano, Pianoro field also hosted international competitions (European Under 15 and under 19 Championships and World Championship IV round 2010), winter training at the gymnasium of the 1st School degree of Rastignano.

Rastignano is home to Pianoro CC, which has played at the highest levels of cricket in Italy and Europe for many years.14 league titles in the Italian Serie A championship, six Coppa Italia trophies, and one European club championship title. Still today, in addition to the senior team that competes in Serie A, the club has four youth teams (under 19, 17, 15, and 13), and a large number of its players have been recruited for the National team. In 2018 the club won the Italian national championship title in the under-19 category and in 2019 the club won the Italian Serie A Championship.