Roma Capannelle Cricket Club

Official Logo of Roma Capannelle Cricket Club

Cricket flourished in Rome in the 1960s on a superb field that overlooked the dome of St. Peter's from Villa Doria Pamphili. The British and Australian Embassy, ​​FAO, Commonwealth War Graves Association, Venerable English College, and Beda College lined up teams competing for the Rome Ashes until, in the 1970s, the Villa became a public park.
When cricket resumed in Rome on other fields in the late 1950s, four of the players who played the Rome Ashes officially formed the team of the Doria Pamphili Cricket Club: the Italian-Sri Lankan Alfonso Jayarajah (who later became the first captain of the Italian national team in 1983 ), the Italian-Indian Massimo Da Costa, the Australian Desmond O'Grady and the Syrian Sam Kahale. After having had the use of the name and logo from Prince Doria, the Club gave life to one of the strongest teams that have ever trod the cricket fields in Italy: Jayarajah, Da Costa, O'Grady, Kahale.

In 1983 the Capannelle of Rome racecourse provided a field for the team, within the same racecourse, and so the team took the name of Roma Capannelle Cricket Club, under the leadership of Jayarajah and Da Costa, who alternated as captains. Under their guidance and encouragement, many local players have seen the development, such as Peter Bonapace, Alberto Bet, Massimo Crisanti, Andrea Amati, and Riccardo Maggio. In 1988 the club won all four competitions organized by the then Italian Cricket Association (now the Italian Cricket Federation), and eight of its players have been selected to play for the national team. Since its inception, the Club has won many trophies, such as the Italian Championship (5 times), the Italian Cup (8 times), and the Italy Trophy (5 out of 7).

In 1989 and 1992 Capannelle participated in the European Club Cricket Festival in Durham (GB), finishing second and third respectively in its group, and we quote from the magazine "Cricket World" of September 1989 - "The villages of County Durham have taken I care about the players of Capannelle di Roma ... their excitable nature created a wonderful atmosphere in the fields where they played. "

The national titles won in 1988, 1989, and 1990 show that the team was clearly stronger than all the other national teams, and almost one of the strongest in Europe, as demonstrated by the second place in the Cricket Champions Cup in Paris in 1992 (defeated in the final, by the home team, which had several professional players in their ranks).

The nineties also flow with the team's victories in the Coppa Italia, a tournament reserved for Italian players only. In the last part of the decade, the Cup changes the formula and allows teams to field up to eleven foreign players.

In the league, on the other hand, the advent of the first professional players from Sri Lanka in the Cesena and Pianoro teams makes the tournament more competitive, and the Capitoline team that in any case fights for the title almost every year never manages to win it.

In 1997 Roma Capannelle starts its own youth sector, making its debut at the Under 14 National Championship. The group, after just two years, faces its first foreign tour in London. The trips to the land of cricket for the following five summers, up to the Under 19s. In 2006 the new group of the under 14 faced their first tour in London.

In the 2000 season, the year of the Jubilee for the city of Rome, Capannelle returns to win the Italian Serie A Championship, the fourth in the history of the Club. The hippodrome always led by Alfonso Jayarajah and dragged by Bet, Bonapace, Da Costa, Zito, and the New Zealanders Micheal Deane and Phil Chandler, together with Benini, Cheyne, Iorio, Leotta, Mehmood, and Weerasinghe dominated the entire cricket championship and then in the three finals against Trentino they closed the practice championship without any trouble.

Meanwhile, the results of investments in the youth sector are starting to bear fruit. Roma Capannelle juniors begin an incredible cycle that allows them to win the Under 13, Under 15, Under 17,  Under 19.

In the 2007 season, the club won the national Under 13 title, and while the first team scored for the third consecutive season the arrival in the final four of the Italian Cup unfortunately in Serie A, reaching equal points against the historical rivals of the Pianoro a because of the direct clash we lost the Scudetto.

At the end of the 2009 season, Roma Capannelle took home two triumphs: the victory of the Under 17 team and the victory of the women's Serie A. The new section of the Club was born in 2008 and in just over a year and a half has trained over 20 players who have given life to the team that won the national title. The men's team, on the other hand, lost the final of Serie A and arrived again in the final four of the Italian Cup.

Also in the 2010 season, the women's team confirmed itself as Italian Champion by winning again in the final against the Milan Kingsgrove

Over the years the club becomes more and more structured, and as the hippodrome itself does, it "adds" to its name Rome, becoming Roma Capannelle Cricket Club, and changes its own playing field, even if it is always guests inside the club. 'Hippodrome moves from the center of the tracks near the entrance to the Capannelle station, delimiting a playing area with a net and has a playing pitch installed by the English company Notts Sports UK (approved by the ECB - England Cricket Board), which together with the large size of the field (over 80 meters radius in one point), the automatic irrigation system and therefore an excellent playing field makes the Roma Capannelle Cricket Ground one of the best fields in Italy, as well as the only international cricket ground in Rome!

By structuring the club, in addition to the various youth sections, and the women's team, the senior's activity has increased, with the addition of the 2nd XI, that is the second team, which includes players with less experience, young and old and marginal players of the Serie A team. The year 2006 saw for the first time the Over 40 team, playing against an English team on tour in Rome.

Instead, we have to wait 13 years for the absolute male title to return to the capital of Italy. In fact, in the 2013 season, the team now led by the son of art Leandro Jayarajah dominates and wins Serie A. The team with only one player in the final of the 2000 season, the ever-green Max Da Costa (author of the elimination of the key player) with many new faces including youth sector products such as Morettini, Scalco, Piperno, Barca, Ghulam, and Kekulawala, the Italian / Australian natives Sandri, Petricola, the Sri Lankan Suresh, Shown, Sidath, the Indians Jayanikaram and Singh, the Pakistanis Ghulam and Ahmed, the Bengali Amir and the New Zealander Bates.