Serie A


The Italian Cricket Championship Serie A is organized by the Italian Cricket Federation.

The first news of this sport in Italy dates back to the end of the 18th century when in 1793 a match was organized in Naples between two teams formed by the men of Lord Horatio Nelson's crews. However, it was only an isolated event; it was not until the end of the 19th century to see this sport make its first official appearance. In 1893 the Genoa Cricket and Football Club were founded, a team that won the first Scudetto in Italian football history in 1898. Like Genoa, Milan and Internazionale Torino (later absorbed by Torino Calcio) also began as cricket associations, although within ten years they ended up devoting themselves exclusively to emerging football.

In the following years in Italy, there was no more talk of cricket except in local contexts, mainly initiatives of associations with close ties to England. The practice of cricket gradually revived in the early sixties, with the construction of a pitch in the Villa Doria-Pamphili in Rome, which was followed by the team, in Milan, of the Milan Cricket Club (in which a captain of the English national team, Ted Dexter ). However, it was only with the establishment of the Italian Cricket Federation on November 26, 1980, that the game began to be practiced regularly and continuously at the national level. In 1978the Villa Doria-Pamphili, Cricket Club team was created, which subsequently changed its name to Rome Capannelle Cricket Club, a company founded by two of the greatest Italian players, Francis Alphonsus Jayarajah (the first captain of the Italian national team) and Massimo Brian Da Costa.

The first Italian championship was organized in 1983 and saw the victory of the Euratom Ispra team. Over the years we have seen the success of another team: Il Pianoro. Currently, the championship foresees the participation of six teams that face each other in a national group with home and away matches.